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Who we are

We are two designers with a passion for bouldering, nature and being outdoors.

This gave rise to the idea of founding our own label.

And here we are.


It has always been clear to us: every new product we design is as sustainable as possible. And that's exactly what we do at baetulī.

We make sustainable clothing for bouldering, yoga and everyday use. We produce in small series in our sewing workshop, or in larger quantities with our manufacurer in Europe

under fair conditions.


Our products are exactly what we love the most:  

Simple in design, well thought-out in function, natural materials, durable in quality

& sustainable in production.


We always make sure that our products can be recycled after their lives.

You can read more about our sustainability claim here. 

The name

baetulī is derived from  "Baetulus" and denotes cult stones in antiquity. These stones were then worshiped as gods.  

We boulderers do the same every day. We read lines and recognize traces of chalk.

We're obsessed with boulders, perfect lines and projects,

some of which even achieve cult status.

We worship them and won't give up until we conquer them.

baetulī stands for exactly that!

Our principles

Crimp hard

Always 100%!



Love it!


Respect nature

Leave no traces!


Respect People

We're all human!




Neuffenstrasse 8

73257 Koengen

Here you can contact us:



Owner Hagar Rieger


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