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Our concept of sustainability

We design and manufacture our products in such a way that they

have the smallest possible effect on the environment.  

In order to produce sustainable clothing, however, it is not enough for us to only use ecological or recycled fabrics. The fabrics must also be able to be fed back into the recycling cycle after their life as a piece of clothing or at least be biodegradable.


As soon as you mix or coat a natural or recycled fiber with elastane or other synthetic fibers, it cannot be recycled or can only be recycled with a great deal of energy. This destroys the recycling cycle and the substance is no longer biodegradable.

In addition, elastane and all other synthetic fibers release microplastics with every wash and thus harm the environment.

For us this means: We do not use elastane, other mixed fibers or synthetic coatings.

At baetulī we only use pure fibers to ensure a closed product cycle and thus protect our environment.

As a result, we are partially limited in our product design. But it's worth it to us! We create flexibility, as with our trousers, through the cut. Unfortunately, we cannot offer particularly

tight-fitting pants.  

Of course, we also have to make compromises in some cases and rely on polyester or nylon for yarn or ribbons. But that only happens if we significantly improve the longevity and can also separate it from the main material.

Our products are never fully developed. Before we develop many new products, we improve our existing ones. Wherever we can make our products more sustainable in the future, we will do so.  

much love,

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